How To Train Any Parrot and Stop Bad Behavior

African Grey ParrotHow to Train Any Parrot and Stop Bad Behavior

Living with two  fourteen year old African Grey Parrots can be quite challenging to say the least.  Having them since they were only four months old has been a very interesting ride.  They were so cute and adorable when the were babies, but somewhere in the two year old range they turned into terrible screaming, and biting, misbehaving brat monsters!


dylon and carlieI’m not sure how it all started, it just seems to have come on gradually.  We couldn’t leave the room or go outside without ear piercing screams.  When they were out of their cages we couldn’t leave them for even a second, because they got into everything,  tearing up stuff and biting holes in everything.  After years of putting up with this it had gotten to the point that we were just about ready to find new homes for them.  That made us really sad because we really love them and they are part of the family, but we were at our wits end.  There had to be something we  could do, we didn’t want to lose our birds, We love them!

carlieAwhile back we found this training program that has helped in so many ways I can’t even describe how it has changed our lives, ALL of our lives.  Our birds Dylon and Carlie have completely been transformed into loving, hilarious, enjoyable, trust worthy birds again.  They so much fun to be with now and we don’t ever think about finding new homes for them anymore!  If you are in the same place with your winged companion, PLEASE you owe it to yourself and your bird to try something like this training program.  Check out the link, you won’t be sorry!

How To Train Any Parrot and Stop Bad Behavior

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